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How to setup a CrowdSourcing website based on "LesHerbonautes"#


  • BGBM Berlin
    • Anton Güntsch
    • Agnes Kirchhoff
    • Dominik Roepert
  • RBGE Edimburgh
    • Rob Cubey
    • Alan Sneath
  • MNHN Paris & GBIF France
    • Marie-Elise Lecoq
    • Fabien Caviere
    • Simon Chagnoux


  • 9H Introducing the website (S. Chagnoux)
  • 9H30 System architecture (M.E. Lecoq)
  • 10H Setting up the database (S. Chagnoux)
  • 10H45 Deploying in a Tomcat container (S. Chagnoux)
  • 11H Creating a mission (S. Chagnoux)
  • 12H30 Lunch
  • 14H Community Management (M.Pignal) / Code repository (M.E. Lecoq)
  • 15H - 16H Planning & discussions


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