!!!Visit from Stockholm biodiversity informatics group

!!Wednesday, October 17th

!Morning, Presentation of the teams and the IT systems

''Location : Petit amphithéâtre d'Entomologie – Galerie d’entomologie -  45 Rue Buffon.''

*9:15 Welcome by the collection Director (Michel Guiraud)
*10:00 Biodiversity Informatics at the MNHN (Simon Chagnoux) [PDF|BioInfoAtMNHN.pdf]
*11:30 Biodiversity Informatics at the NRM (Fred Ronquist) [PDF|2012-10-17_NRM_BI_Presentation.pdf]

!!Afternoon, Massive digitization of collection

''Location : Salle Jean Dorst – Hotel de Magny - 57 Rue Cuvier''
*14:30 The GBIF French Node 
** Presentation of the node (A-S. Archambault)
** Demonstration of the web tools   (Michael Akbaraly, Pere Roca Ristol)
*15:45 The INPN website demonstration (Sebastien Simard)
*16:00 Massive digitization of Paris Herbarium (Henri Michiels, Simon Chagnoux ) [PDF|Paris-Herbarium-Digitization_2012-07-12.pdf]
*16:30 Extending digitization to other collections : the e-Recolnat Project (M.Pignal)